Why are piano keys, smartphones, and car seat belts designed for men by default? Why do women have more side effects? Why does the media report largely on men? What is mom-shaming? Why are 82% of biographies on Wikipedia male?

society / Miriam Suter /

Designed for men, impractical for women - and dangerous

Did you know that many professional female soccer players wear children's shoes? Or that there are hardly any bulletproof vests for women's bodies? One of the biggest gender gaps is in the development of our everyday objects. But things could be different: women are leading the way.

society / Miriam Suter /
society / Samantha Taylor /

If we need more qualified workers lower working hours!

The economy is trembling in the face of the qualified worker shortage. As a result, part-time work is increasingly critized. Longer working hours are being advocated. Our author is convinced that this is the wrong approach. The 42-hour week is already a total compatibility killer.

society / Samantha Taylor /
society / Saadia Zahidi /

Gender parity is essential for economic recovery: These five investments will quicken the pace

There have recently been some setbacks on the road to gender parity. With consequences for the economy. In a guest article, Saadia Zahidi and Silja Baller from the World Economic Forum describe these consequences and how we as a society should work for equality.

society / Saadia Zahidi, Silja Baller /
society / elleXX /

Protests in Iran: «This regime is a murderous, corrupted one and we clearly want it to go»

In Switzerland, activist Maryam Banihashemi is the face of the protests for a free Iran. In her essay, she writes what she would like to see from the Swiss people.

society / elleXX /
society / Céline Meier /

How far are you willing to go for a role, Carlos Leal?

We ask men what usually only women are asked. We want to start a dialogue about stereotypes, make people think and smile, but also expose toxicity. We want to address men on the platform and make them our ambassadors.

society / Céline Meier /
society / Luise Ammerschuber /

4 Ways to Create a Strong Ecosystem for Female Founders

Entrepreneur Luise Ammerschuber shares her personal experience and advice for female founders in Switzerland.

society / Luise Ammerschuber /
society / Agota Lavoyer /

What's more erotic than a yes?

Our columnist Agota Lavoyer explains that in order to criminalize all non-consensual sexual acts the law must say that only "yes means yes". It's the safe - and erotic - way forward to protect women.

society , / Agota Lavoyer /
society / Nadine Jürgensen /

Leandra Bias: "In Putin's patriarchal worldview, subordinates must follow: from women to Ukraine"

The expert on gender-specific peacebuilding discusses the need for a feminist security policy, emphasizes how the war uses men's bodies, speaks optimistically about the future of Ukraine, and advises what we can all do now.

society / Nadine Jürgensen /
society / Larisa Topalo /

Fearless female journalists covering the war in Ukraine

Get to know and follow the stories of women reporting live from the frontlines.

society / Larisa Topalo /
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