Why are persistent wage negotiators punished? How do I negotiate properly? Why do women do most of the unpaid work? How do I build a successful startup? Is Home Office women-friendly? Should I get a Care-Salary?

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elleXX Legal Protection Insurance: what it is and why you need it

It’s time for women in Switzerland to have a simple, accessible, digital solution to protect themselves in some of life’s toughest situations.

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With power comes responsibility

Sexual harassment still occurs everyday in the workplace. Yet, our columnist argues, harassers cannot rule in healthy company culture. In toxic culture, they can. That’s why companies must protect their employees.

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Better fintech than femtech - why investors don't support women

Ideas from female founders have a particularly difficult time raising capital. Part 2 of our "Female Founders" shows how much gets lost in translation between founders and investors - especially, if founders are women and investors are men.

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Women in business are still fighting an uphill battle

It’s often said there is a "big push” for women today. But is that true? Is the business world changing fast enough and creating more equal opportunities? Our contributor Anna Stando looks at the numbers and finds out it’s still a career battleground for women in 2022.

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When the job isn't worth it

High costs of childcare put families, and especially women in Switzerland into a disadvantaged position. This has consequences for the entire economy.

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Invisible in meetings

In meetings, those who fight loudly for their interests have their say. Not an easy undertaking for women, as they are often drowned out or even ignored. According to the latest studies, virtual meetings do not solve the problem - rather the opposite.

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career / Céline Meier /

When algorithms recruit - and discriminate

Curbing the flood of applications: many large companies are doing this with HR software. The big promise behind it: efficiency! The danger: discrimination.

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