Nobody wants to imagine themselves going through a divorce at home or harassment at work. For many of us, if we’re lucky, it may never happen. But insurance is not about gambling whether or not something will happen to you. It’s about being prepared if it does.

If we look at the statistics affecting women in Switzerland, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

And these are just the highlights.

The reality for women in Switzerland, both local and foreign, is that despite a democratic system and a healthy economy, many obstacles – work- and private-life related, systemic and personal – can leave us vulnerable, unprotected, and facing high fees.

That’s where the ellexx Legal Protection comes in.

ellexx JUSTIS is legal protection insurance designed in close cooperation between ellexx and CAP and offered via the innovative JUSTIS platform. It was created by women and is tailored to the needs of women.

In cases of bullying, divorce, unequal wages, and career opportunities, it offers you personal legal advice and representation in court. It also assists single parents with legal issues.

It’s a fully digital legal protection subscription and it works according to a «do-it-yourself» principle. The goal is to give you quick, competent advice and effective solutions that are easily accessible.

It's a fully digital legal protection subscription that can give you quick and competent advice and support when you need it most.

With ellexx JUSTIS legal protection, many things can be done online from anywhere at any time: for example, updating personal data, adjusting the legal protection subscription, or reporting a legal case.

The customer portal gives you secure access to your policy, invoices, news, and insight into an ongoing legal case. And: If your needs change, you can flexibly adjust or cancel your legal protection subscription on a monthly basis.

Nadine Jürgensen, lawyer, speaker, and co-founder of ellexx explains:

A lawyer costs several hundred francs per hour. For most women, this fee is such a big obstacle that they end up not defending themselves against injustice. After many years of witnessing this as a lawyer, I wanted to create a solution.

It was very important that we offer protection for women in two areas: First, the labor disputes under the Equal Opportunities Act – for example, dismissal because of maternity or unequal wages. Many women experience this but without financial means and support, it's hard for them to stand up for themselves. We want to make it easier.

Nadine Jürgensen
We want women in Switzerland to have affordable protection and access to lawyer advice when it comes to divorce, family law, bullying, and sexism in the workplace.

The second coverage area is family law matters. We have negotiated with our partner that an insured person can seek advice on marriage and divorce law up to CHF 15,000, e.g. in mediation or in setting up a divorce or dissolution convention. Even if it goes to court, the costs are covered within this framework, depending on the complexity of the situation. As far as I know, no other legal protection offers this.

We want women in Switzerland to have affordable protection and access to lawyer advice when it comes to divorce, family law, bullying, and sexism in the workplace. Before you are in that position when you have to Google “affordable lawyer in Switzerland” or “family law advice in Switzerland” – you should be insured with legal protection so that advice would be readily available to you when you need it.

Natalie Urwyler., Dr. med
I recommend getting legal protection insurance as soon as you begin your professional life.
  • Access: Simple, digital, and bullshit-free subscription to protect your legal rights
  • Flexibility: from CHF 24.90/month without a deductible, you can cancel at anytime
  • Protection for Swiss and foreign women: the JUSTIS advice is available in both German and English
  • Comprehensive coverage: includes disputes in court relating to registered partnerships, matrimonial and divorce law (up to CHF 15 000), and lawsuits under the equality article up to CHF 600 000.

Ready to learn more?

For a yearly price that’s less than the cost of a few hours with a lawyer, ellexx Legal Protection can be your insurance for the most difficult moments in your personal and professional life.

Read the full coverage conditions and sign up easily online.

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