How does my financial life affect my independence? When should I invest and where? What is ESG? How can I make a positive difference in the world with my money? Do I need to think my relationship with debt?

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Greenwashing: when our green portfolio doesn't reflect our lavish lifestyle

Do we really want green portfolios? Or do we just like the idea of criticising fossil stocks even as we sit in our cozy heated flats? Business ethicist Dorothea Baur catches us in our own lie.

finance , sustainability / Dorothea Baur /
finance / Larisa Topalo /

How does it feel to be a bootstrapped entrepreneur in Zürich, Christina Stahl?

Co-Founder and CEO of the Swiss handbag brand Ameli Zürich, Christina Stahl left her high-paying job to launch a startup at the beginning of a pandemic. A brave move in a city of bankers.

finance / Larisa Topalo /
finance / Patrizia Laeri /
finance / Patrizia Laeri /
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Money doesn't have any love for me

Column - I don't like money. I really don't. Of course, I don't like not having money either, but not liking not having money is not the same as loving money.

finance , culture / Rosanna Grüter /
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