Why do women experience more side effects from medications? What is violence during childbirth? Why are mothers particularly at risk of burnout? How can we sustainably improve women's health?

/ Elvira Häusler /

Menopause: Between Hot Flashes, Performance, and Change

Why am I suddenly so hot? Strange. Could these be the first signs of menopause? The starting gun for perimenopause? Indeed. Hormonal changes begin years before the final period. I feel even hotter.

/ Elvira Häusler, Petra Stute /
/ Nadine Jürgensen /

Violent birth system

One in four women is traumatized by the birth of a child. Many women who have experienced childbirth as traumatic describe limited or lack of care, disrespect or performing interventions without their consent. That's what happened to me.

/ Nadine Jürgensen /
/ Céline Meier /

Women are not small men

80 kilograms, white, healthy and male - in medical research, these characteristics were long considered the standard. The resulting data gap, especially with regard to gender, has had fatal consequences to this day.

/ Céline Meier /
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