Why is Siri female? What is Smart Living? Automated inequality - do algorithms reinforce poverty and stereotypes? Will sharing apps save the world? Why do recruitment tools weed out people with breaks in their CVs?

innovation / Samantha Taylor /

Female founders are the exception

The world of startups is a gentlemen's club. Part 1 of our "Female Founders" series examines why this is a missed opportunity not just for women but for the world at large, and what needs to be done to create change.

innovation / Samantha Taylor /
innovation / Patrizia Laeri /

Misogynistic Tech Assistants

Computers, mobile phones, watches, or loudspeakers are equipped with will-less female tech servants. This is partly because women are not in the same room when the great casts of artificial intelligence are born and conversational patterns are being coded.

innovation / Patrizia Laeri /
innovation / Samantha Taylor /

Motherhood put on hold

Women can free themselves from the burden of family planning. The magic word is social freezing. Frozen eggs create time and space for a career. Now companies are also discovering the potential for their female employees.

innovation / Samantha Taylor /
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