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Invest in Equality

Are you already investing and have a portfolio that you would like to complement with an innovative component? If gender equality is particularly important to you, then we have the solution for you: With the ellexx Gender Equality Basket, you invest in 30 selected companies that take diversity and inclusion seriously.

The ellexx stock product was the first among 40,000 structured products in Switzerland to focus on gender equality. For months, we have worked with our investment partner, Migros Bank, to filter women-friendly and sustainable companies and researched each stock individually.

Based on these criteria, the companies in the ellexx stock product are selected:

1. Companies that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number five. The Sustainable Development Goals are international development goals that address the most pressing challenges of our world. SDG 5 stands for gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women. To evaluate whether companies contribute positively to SDG 5, the following aspects, among others, are considered:

▪️ Proportion of women in the workforce: At all levels. Gender diversity should be reflected not only at the executive level but throughout the entire company, including senior management and the board of directors.

▪️ Discrimination or harassment based on gender: The companies have no controversies related to issues such as wage discrimination or sexual harassment.

▪️ Discrimination against stakeholders: The companies have no controversies related to forced labor, discrimination against workers, and customer discrimination.

2. Companies with a good sustainability rating and classified as responsible by our investment partner, Migros Bank.

3. Companies of high quality, as the return should ultimately be satisfactory. For a stock to be selected, the so-called Bloomberg Analyst Consensus – a reference point for the future performance of a company – must be greater than or equal to 3. Additionally, all companies in the ellexx stock product have a market cap of at least one billion dollars.

When selecting companies, our investment partner relies on all stocks that, according to MSCI, one of the largest sustainability rating agencies in the world, align with SDG 5. The composition of the companies is continually reviewed. Additionally, rebalancing occurs every three months.

And the fees?

The ellexx stock product is an actively managed structured product (in the form of a tracker certificate). This means that the Migros Bank's fund management team actively manages the product and regularly ensures that all included companies meet the stated criteria. The product's fees are 1.1 percent. These fees also include hedging, which offsets the risk of currency differences against the Swiss franc. Of this fee, the issuer, Zürcher Kantonalbank, receives 0.3 percent. The remaining 0.8 percent is split equally between Migros Bank and us.

What is a tracker certificate?

A tracker certificate is a structured financial product that allows you to invest in an underlying asset (in the case of the ellexx stock product, it is shares of 30 equal opportunity companies) without owning it. A tracker certificate allows you to invest a lower amount than if you were to buy the shares of the 30 companies directly. The tracker follows the performance of the underlying asset, so if the value of the 30 companies increases or their shares rise, the value of the tracker certificate also increases. Since tracker certificates are considered rather complex financial products, they are generally not suitable for beginners.

How to buy the ellexx stock product

▪️ Through your house bank or an online broker: You can purchase the ellexx stock product directly if you already have a securities account – you just need to provide the following ISIN: CH1105885698

▪️ Directly through our partner Migros Bank: You can get telephone advice on the product and, if necessary, open a securities account with Migros Bank.


Why ellexx collaborates with Migros Bank

Migros Bank is considered fair and humane. It is there for everyone, just like ellexx. We fight for financial education for all and advocate for an equitable financial world. Migros Bank is an exception in the banking world. In 2019, it abolished its internal bonus system. This ethical approach to business convinced us. You can find out why Migros Bank cooperates with ellexx here.

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