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Odile Gaudart-Gastaldo: «The message women need to hear is that they don’t need to be experts in financial markets or technology to invest in startups!»

As a business angel, Odile Gaudart-Gastaldo invests in start-ups. In this interview, she reveals what it takes to do so and what needs to change to encourage more women to consider such investments.

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When work hurts your career

Women are doing more unpaid work - not only with care and housework, but also in companies. Behavioral economist Lise Vesterlund explains in an interview why this is a dead end for their careers.

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How far are you willing to go for a role, Carlos Leal?

We ask men what usually only women are asked. We want to start a dialogue about stereotypes, make people think and smile, but also expose toxicity. We want to address men on the platform and make them our ambassadors.

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On average, women have much less money than men. Why? Because inequality begins in childhood and continues throughout a woman's financial life. Our goal is to change that.

Money Talk

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Should women negotiate differently than men, Wies Bratby?

Wies Bratby is an expert in salary negotiations. She explains how she founded her company WIN - Women in Negotiation, why women are actually very good negotiators and what her most successful wage negotiation was.

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elleXX Legal Protection Insurance: what it is and why you need it

It’s time for women in Switzerland to have a simple, accessible, digital solution to protect themselves in some of life’s toughest situations.

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What's more erotic than a yes?

Our columnist Agota Lavoyer explains that in order to criminalize all non-consensual sexual acts the law must say that only "yes means yes". It's the safe - and erotic - way forward to protect women.

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Adieu, liebe Schweiz: a foreign feminist’s farewell letter to Switzerland

After six years, human rights lawyer and working mother Alexandra Dufresne is leaving Switzerland. But not before she shares an urgent call-to-action with all of us.

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What's the price of divorce, Miriam Küng?

Divorce is always about money. Miriam Küng is a lawyer and has fought many of these battles. How this affects her relationship with money and to what extent money can relieve pain, she shares in our Money Talk.

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