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A Female City

The paths of everyday life are often planned for working men who travel between work and home. Gender-sensitive planning brings benefits to all residents.

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Number of the week

of tech jobs in Europe are taken by women.
McKinsey Digital, 2021
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Unclean wages

Most of the cleaners in Switzerland have a migrant background, most of whom are women. Many of them work on low wages. One of them is Ursula. She does not want to leave, on the contrary: she wants to revolutionize the cleaning industry as a boss.

society / Miriam Suter /
society / Saadia Zahidi /

Gender parity is essential for economic recovery: These five investments will quicken the pace

There have recently been some setbacks on the road to gender parity. With consequences for the economy. In a guest article, Saadia Zahidi and Silja Baller from the World Economic Forum describe these consequences and how we as a society should work for equality.

society / Saadia Zahidi, Silja Baller /

On average, women have much less money than men. Why? Because inequality begins in childhood and continues throughout a woman's financial life. Our goal is to change that.

society / Gabriella Alvarez-Hummel /

Hunger is becoming more female

Women are mainly responsible for food and water procurement worldwide, but suffer more often from malnutrition and hunger. An interview with NGO Executive Director Sabine Maier about the alarming findings of a global nutrition report by six Swiss NGOs.

society / Gabriella Alvarez-Hummel /
finance / Samantha Taylor /

Everything you need to know about the second pillar

The pension fund is the second pillar of the Swiss pension system. In this article, we explain how the occupational pension plan works and what terms such as coordination deduction, retirement assets and conversion rate mean.

finance / Samantha Taylor /
career / Céline Meier /

Should women negotiate differently than men, Wies Bratby?

Wies Bratby is an expert in salary negotiations. She explains how she founded her company WIN - Women in Negotiation, why women are actually very good negotiators and what her most successful wage negotiation was.

career / Céline Meier /
career / elleXX /

elleXX Legal Protection Insurance: what it is and why you need it

It’s time for women in Switzerland to have a simple, accessible, digital solution to protect themselves in some of life’s toughest situations.

career / elleXX /
society / Agota Lavoyer /

What's more erotic than a yes?

Our columnist Agota Lavoyer explains that in order to criminalize all non-consensual sexual acts the law must say that only "yes means yes". It's the safe - and erotic - way forward to protect women.

society , / Agota Lavoyer /

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