ellexx legal protection insurance

All your questions about our legal protection product and our partnership with Allianz.

Legal protection insurance supports you in legal questions and disputes and covers the costs and ad-vances imposed on you - for example, for a lawyer, for a court hearing or for the preparation of an expert opinion.

Private legal protection covers disputes on topics such as shopping, work, equality, housing or health.

With traffic legal protection, you are insured as a road user, regardless of whether you are on the road with an e-bike, with your own or rented vehicles, ships or aircraft.

With ellexx JUSTIS full legal protection, you enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage for private and traffic legal protection. If you do not drive a car, an e-bike or any other motor vehicle, the ellexx JUSTIS variant without traffic legal protection is perfect for you.

You may find yourself involved in a legal dispute more quickly than you would like. Conflicts lurk every-where: whether on the road, with your landlord/landlady, at work or when shopping online.

Your lawyer friend may advise you and maybe even represent you in court for free. But she will neither pay your court costs nor the costs of the opposing party if you are successful, but the opposing party is insolvent. CAP covers the legal costs and all advances in insured cases.

Depending on the coverage, the annual premium of a legal protection insurance is cheaper than one hour with a lawyer. In the event of a legal case, court costs, expert costs, travel costs, translation costs, costs for compensation, criminal bail, etc. also have to be added. With CAP, you can enforce your rights in in-sured cases without incurring further costs and have a lawyer represent you in court.

Do I have a free choice of lawyer with ellexx JUSTIS?

We support you in all insured legal cases with our own CAP lawyers. In the event of a conflict of interest, you have the right to choose your own lawyer - for example, if your counterparty is also insured with CAP or if your dispute is with Allianz Suisse. This also applies if only external legal representatives are admit-ted to court.

Yes, you will. Although we don't insure a burning house, we do support you with legal advice over the phone, show you the general legal situation and the next steps and recommend specialized legal repre-sentation if you wish.

Yes, legal protection insurance is a necessary supplement to your liability insurance. Liability insurance only helps you to fend off unjustified claims or to handle justified claims if you damage somebody else. If you suffer damage yourself and want to enforce your claims, you need legal expenses insurance. And if your liability insurance refuses to pay, you'll be glad you can count on your legal protection insurance. In addition, you usually don't get any legal advice from the liability insurance.

Questions regarding the ellexx stock product

Find out all you need to know about our share product and our partnership with Migrosbank.

Why is ellexx partnering with Migrosbank?

Migrosbank is known to be fair and people-oriented. They are there to serve everybody. Precisely like ellexx. We are fighting to provide everybody with financial knowledge via our platform. The Migrosbank is an exceptional case in the banking world. In 2019, they abolished bonuses. It is this business ethics that has won us over.

So where can I buy the stock product?

It is available at any Swiss bank, any neo-bank, or on any digital trading portal. Just generate a PDF for yourself to send to your bank on our website, or send an email with the product name directly to your financial consultant with "Migrosbank ellexx Gender Equality Basket", using valor number "110 588 569". Alternatively, simply do a search on your investment app using "Migrosbank ellexx Gender Equality Basket", "Valoren-Nr., 110 588 569" and buy your product with a click.

Questions about ellexx 3a

All questions relating to ellexx 3a and the partnership with Vontobel

Why a 3a pension product from ellexx?

Our aim is to encourage women to fill their wealth gaps. The gender pension gap is currently at 37 % within Switzerland. Age-related poverty is a female issue. We must do something to change that. The third pension pillar is the best way to do this. People who invest will have a long investment horizon that saves them taxes.

Why is ellexx partnering with Vontobel?

Because Vontobel is a family business and is headed by a young new generation. Family businesses tend to think more long-term and operate more sustainably. Vontobel is also a private bank that provides women with solutions in more sophisticated wealth scenarios. The bank is digitally fit and its products are cutting edge. It's a fit with ellexx.

Now, why an ellexx 3a product featuring Vontobel?

Switzerland still lacks any regulatory framework for classifying sustainable products. However, Vontobel is leading the way. A comprehensive regulatory package for sustainable investments, so-called ESG investments, has been launched by the EU. For ellexx, Vontobel has made a binding commitment to comply with European transparency regulations for E and S products and, beyond a certain volume, to add assets that pay particular attention to equality and diversity.